Art + Coffee: Meet Bran the Crow

by Ashley Tomlinson

Meet Bran the Crow. 

“Bran the crow moved to Baltimore to be closer to his favorite author, Edgar Allen Poe. He recently opened his first coffee shop called Nevermore Coffee where he brews his special blend of “crowfee.” When he’s not whipping up espressos and cups of crow, he’s writing dark poetry and wearing ironic clothes.” 

These are the words of my dear friend, and talented artist Jacqueline Hanson, who imagines and paints characters for her series of “Ancestors” - a collection of animals, not so distantly related to us, who have humanistic personalities and life experiences. 

Bran in particular was a generous gift - and ancestor - to yours truly, undoubtedly inspired by coffee culture and my fascination with crows. 


You can connect with Jackie on her blog A Wolf In Chic Clothing, or via her instagram