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Social Club @ Bar Nine Collective

"Beginning May 20th, Bar Nine will be the host of our very own Social Club. Partnering with Johan M. Stein, an ingredient-driven craft mixologist with a focus on hospitality, The Social Club at Bar Nine will be a member-driven community experience. Membership is free, with a $30 door fee each night. Once inside, the experience will be curated a little differently each time, but will always include complementary craft cocktails by Mr. Stein and complementary full coffee service by the team at Bar Nine. The goals for Mr. Stein are to elevate cocktails to the level of fine dining, in a simple and casual environment, providing something new and awesome to his guests each time. In addition, there will be a focus on art and music, many times the evenings will include live music, an art installation, a DJ set, and other engaging experiences. Plus lots of other fun surprises. To become a member, simply send an e-mail to


and include your full name and address. The evenings will be held every other Tuesday from 6-9PM. Please come and join the club."