photo by Adrienne Gunde

photo by Adrienne Gunde

in case you are wondering...

Coffee connects people. I adore coffee as an agricultural product and as a culture, and have made it my mission over the past four years to become better acquainted with the the specialty coffee world. I've taken countless roasting and brewing classes, been certified by the American Barista and Coffee School, attended Barista Camp, hung out at Coffee Fest, participated in Re;Co Symposium, helped organize throwdowns, watched a ton of competition, visited a ridiculous number of cafes, and spent a year working on bar as a barista.


In 2013 I launched this site to share stories, interviews, and ideas featuring the people, places, and things that have inspired my coffee journey. Not only has The Little Black Coffee Cup become a platform to collaborate with incredibly talented people in the industry, but it is also a recipe book to showcase the many flavors found in coffee. I am deeply committed to promoting sustainability and believe that recognizing the true value and potential of coffee will give us incentive to be more mindful of how we treat it, and each other, all along the supply chain.

You can see more of my work on FoodNetwork.ca, Sprudge, and Life & Thyme.


Hope you Enjoy!