5 Best Alternative Milk Cappuccinos in L.A.

These cappuccinos are not ranked in any particular order, but they are from 5 places I feel confident ordering alternative milk drinks—primarily because they make their own.


Homemade alternative milks look a little different, and usually taste much different than what comes out of the box, however they are so much healthier because they aren't blended with thickeners, preservatives and unpronounceable ingredients. If you are like me, and you try to avoid dairy, it's great to replace your daily milk habit with something clean and more healthful than the packaged stuff. 

1. Bar Nine Collective - Culver City

Hazelnut Cashew Milk Cappuccino

Bar Nine not only boasts a beautiful and expansive space in Culver City, but they also make their own blend of Hazelnut Cashew Milk in house, which can be paired with their freshly roasted coffee hot or cold. 

Be sure to try their extremely delicious vegan horchata, too. It's made with coconut milk. 

2. Superba Food and Bread - Venice

Hazelnut Milk Cappuccino

The first question you might ask when ordering this drink is, "Seriously?! A $4 up charge for hazelnut milk?!" And, rightfully so. This is probably the most expensive 'specialty coffee' cappuccino I have ever indulged in, but for those 10 minutes I spent enjoying it, it was totally worth the extra cash. Superba's Hazelnut Milk is made in house every morning and sweetened with mayple syrup. 

3. G & B Coffee or Go Get Em Tiger - DTLA & Larchmont

Almond Macadamia Nut Milk Cappuccino

Whether downtown or in Larchmont, you can always rely on G & B Coffee or Go Get Em Tiger to deliver their unique blend of almond and macadamia nut milk which was inspired by their time spent working alongside the folks at Sqirl.

Definitely try this milk is in an iced latte, too. I would choose it over dairy any day. 

4. Sweet Rose Creamery  - Mid City & Santa Monica

Almond Milk Cappuccino

Sweet Rose Creamery is primarily and ice cream shop but they also have an espresso program that features locally roasted coffee by Caffe Luxxe. If you are going to trust anyone to get the consistency and sweetness of an alternative milk perfect, it would probably be an ice cream maker. Their almond milk is sweetened with dates and makes a killer cappuccino.

5. At Home 

Coconut Cashew Milk Cappuccino

If you have an espresso machine, a milk steamer and a blender, I highly suggest trying to make your own alternative milk beverages. It's easy and fun to experiment with blending different nuts and sweeteners. Here is my recipe for Coconut Cashew Milk.

But, don't stop there, get creative...

Are there any other locally made alternative milk cappuccinos you would add to this list?