Cascara Iced Tea



One of the most refreshing ways to enjoy cascara—or the dried skins of the coffee cherry—is to brew an iced tea. I enjoy steeping the cherries overnight to create a pungent, almost syrup-like liquid. This way, when you are ready to imbibe you can indulge in a very strong beverage or dilute to your liking. 

Cascara or the dried skins of coffee cherries

Cascara or the dried skins of coffee cherries

Perhaps my favorite thing about cascara tea is that it's a coffee product which is very approachable for people who don't like the typical flavor or bitterness of coffee. For this brew I am using a delicious Los Lajones Gesha Cascara from Verve Coffee Roasters which has tasting notes of boysenberry and rose water.


Also, be sure to check out our cocktail collaboration with Kyle Jones of Young's fine Wine. He created the High Tea to feature this cascara iced tea recipe. 


  • 30g Cascara (or dried coffee cherries) 
  • 800g of Water



  1. Add hot water, just off the boil, to a french press of cascara.
  2. After 10 minutes press, and leave on the counter to cool down. 
  3. Once cool enough, place french press in the fridge for 12hrs or overnight.
  4. Filter cherries out of the liquid. 
  5. Store filtered Cascara Iced Tea in the fridge.
  6. Enjoy!