4th of July Cold Brew Coffee | Feat. Ethiopia Lomi Tasha from Suits & Knives

It's almost 4th of July and you need to think of something fabulous to bring to the BBQ. Why not impress your friends with some cold brew coffee?? Cold brew is so easy to make, and it's a great way to use up some of your older coffee beans. It will last in the fridge for about 2 weeks. 


** This recipe makes about 4 cups of cold brew. You may want to double or triple this recipe depending on how much coffee you would like


1. Measure out 140g of Awesome Coffee -

This Ethiopian Lomi Tasha roasted locally by Suits and Knives lends itself beautifully to cold brew. 

2. Coarsely Grind the Coffee Beans - 

Since your coffee is going to be brewing for a very long time, there is no need for a fine grind. As you can see this is a bit chunky - perhaps one could compare it to potting soil - i've even heard fine gravel or sesame seeds. 

3. Put Your Coffee Grounds in a Filter/Bag -  

Here I am using a nut milk bag, however, get creative here. You could use a muslin bag or maybe even an old, clean t-shirt will do. 

4. Put your Bag-O-Coffee in a Large Container - 

Preferably something with a spout to make your life easier later. 

5. Add 1000 ml of Filtered Water - 

Which works out to be about 4 cups. Make sure all of your coffee grounds get soaked.

6. Cover and let sit for 12-18 hours- 

Cover up your coffee and water mixture and put it in your fridge to brew over night. 

7. Decide You Want to Filter Your Brew Further  

The cup on the left is once filtered cold brew while on the right is twice filtered cold brew. You can drink it either way, but for a more clear and refined brew, I definitely recommend a putting in a little more effort and  passing your brew through a paper filter. 

8. Pour Your Brew through a Paper Filter  

Be sure to wet your filter before you run your brew through it to minimize the papery taste. I am using a Hario v60 here to filter, but again, get creative. You could use a strainer lined with a coffee filter, a Chemex, anything! Make it work. 

9. Funnel Your Brew Into a Bottle - 

Find a nice bottle, then find a way to get your coffee into it without making a big mess. A funnel is a simple way, but if you don't have a funnel, get creative. 

10. Practice Making Your Labels -

Highly recommend experimenting with your layout on a piece of paper before wasting all of your labels. P.S. These labels are american made.

11. Realize Your Label is Never Going to be Perfect and Settle On Your Best Attempt - 

Seriously. Life is too short. 

2. Tie on Your Label with a Ribbon - 

Find a festive ribbon and tie on your label.  And, use eco-friendly ribbon because plastic is silly and forever. This is a cotton ribbon.  

13. Get Ready to Celebrate - 

And, pat yourself on the back for being awesome!