4 Coffee Shops to Add to Your San Francisco Repertoire

If you are into coffee and headed to San Francisco, it''s likely you have heard of Blue Bottle, Sight Glass, Four Barrel and Ritual. These four brands are at the forefront of specialty coffee in SF. Perhaps a little lesser known, these next four shops and roasters also deserve a spot on your must visit list:  


I first heard about this coffee shop through my dear friend and fellow coffee blogger smdlr, “Go to Reveille Coffee and you MUST try the Granola.” I followed her orders and naturally the shop didn’t disappoint. The cappuccino was prepared beautifully and the granola was out-of-this-world. Situated in a flat iron building of sorts, the shop is triangular in shape and as such, receives the California sunshine from all sides. It is a glorious space to sip a coffee, the staff are incredibly friendly and, as an added bonus, their kitchen puts out a lunch menu and brunch on the weekends


Ok ok, so this concept shop is by the folks behind Four Barrel as well as Josey Baker Bread, so the Mill on the list because it’s undoubtedly fantastic. The crowd coming to this shop for afternoon cappuccino’s is way cool—a coolness that can only be trumped by the hipsters who are in the back churning the pumpkin butter to spread on the delicious $4 toast. The mill is a great light filled place to commune over coffee with friends in the Nopa Area. And, for those of you who don’t know Nopa stands for “north of the panhandle”. 


Partially funded by a kickstarter campaign, Linea Caffe has all the elements necessary for an ideal neighborhood spot: fresh roasted coffee paired with gourmet waffles and delectable salads wrapped up in a small corner shop in the Mission. The people that work here are lovely and they focus on quality ingredients and craftsmanship in all of their caffeinated and culinary endeavors. Get to Linea Caffe early though - this shop shuts its doors and windows at 3pm. 


If you are looking for a thing of beauty, look no further than the minimalist masterpiece that is Saint Frank Coffee. Named after Saint Francis of San Francisco fame, these folks have their coffee lovingly roasted by Ritual and pull shots on a gorgeous espresso machine prototype—that has yet to be named—and is similar in style to the modbar. Due to the low bar, minimalist machine and exposure of the baristai, it’s a different kind of cafe experience. The skylights, stark interior and friendly baristas illuminate this Russian Hill space.