Welcome to The Subscription Room | Interview
Wall Hanging by  Samantha Santana  -  art director, prop stylist, illustrator, designer

Wall Hanging by Samantha Santana - art director, prop stylist, illustrator, designer

There is an undoubted air of mystery surrounding Los Angeles' The Subscription Room. It's hidden inside a non descript building on a industrial street in a little corner of Culver City. There is hardly a sign on the door, no retail in sight, and the first time you visit you are likely to be faced with the feeling that your navigation app screwed up—big time. When you enter the doors of 5890 Blackwelder Street, however, all of your uncertainties will quickly dissipate and the sun soaked space that is The Subscription Room will reveal itself. Everything will start to make sense.  


I don't want to tell you too much about The Subscription Room, as to take away from the experience of visiting for yourself, getting caffeinated by the L.A. Coffee Club, and making new creative friends. What I will tell you is, The Subscription Room moves far beyond the current co-working model of 'a desk for rent' and finds itself somewhere between a workshop, an artists' studio, a coffee cupping room, an office and your best friend's really rad loft. As one of the founders so aptly shared with me, "once you get here—it seems evident there are many possibilities."  


tLBCC: Can you tell me a little bit about the Subscription Room and what you were trying to achieve with the space?

TSR: The Subscription Room aims to provide a space to create, collaborate, showcase and be inspired by and for local makers which thrives on the energy of connection between people with shared interest for discovery, wonder and community. 

tLBCC: How many artists, craftsmen/women do you have in residence and what are their areas of expertise?

TSR: We currently have ten residents using the space who specialize in leather goods, homeware, gardening solutions, and coffee just to name a few. The vibe is comfy and relaxed, like a favorite coffee shop or living room. Some have been running successful businesses for years, others just getting off the ground.


tLBCC: Coffee and work go hand in hand. It's rare to see an office without a coffee machine.  Your set up is unusual in that you are home to the LA Coffee Club and also have a coffee roaster working in house, which means you have some incredible specialty coffee coming through your doors and being cupped in your work space. How do you see the intersection between specialty coffee, artistry and craftsmanship playing out?

TSR: Simply put, coffee inspires creativity. It brings people together from all walks of life and creates a small world feeling of a shared experience. For the residents of the Subscription Room, we encourage them not to just enjoy the coffee, but to take a part in the process of bringing it to life. From the sourcing, to the design of the packaging, to the many ways of brewing it. Making something yourself gives you more of a reason to love it - and witnessing someone pour themselves into their craft, inspires those around them as well.

L.A. Coffee Club  sends monthly packages of locally roasted coffee for subscribers. Hand Lettering by  Lost Boy Illustrations

L.A. Coffee Club sends monthly packages of locally roasted coffee for subscribers. Hand Lettering by Lost Boy Illustrations

Samantha Santana 's Workspace

Samantha Santana's Workspace

Illustrations by  Samantha Santana

Illustrations by Samantha Santana

tLBCC: Can anyone be a part of the subscription room? 

TSR: The space is split into sections, a small retail area in the front lounge showcases some of the products made inside the space, a showroom with a few workstations which are open to anyone to use freely during operating hours. The back of the space is where the real work gets done - a workshop area for building and crafting, and a coffee lab for sample roasting, cupping and brewing on the Alpha Dominche Steampunk. Upstairs we have a two climate controlled rooms, for brainstorming with a whiteboard and private workstations. 

Anvil Handcrafted  workshop
Anvil Handcrafted  leather goods

Anvil Handcrafted leather goods

tLBCC:  Is there a reason you chose chose Culver City for your headquarters?

TSR: Besides the fact that LA Coffee Club was born out of a Co-Working Community in Culver City - and being perfectly situated between Downtown & the Beach, it's the epicenter for coffee & creativity. There's a handful of specialty coffee roasters here and a thriving arts district. It just made sense to us to move in and become more involved in that community. 

tLBCC: You have hosted some really cool community based events—Calligraphy classes, coffee cuppings and wall hanging workshops—to name a few. What can we expect from the Subscription Room in the future? 

TSR:  Only time will tell. We hope to bring in a few more makers, host more workshops and launch new products. 

Workspace of  Samantha Santana  -  art director, prop stylist, illustrator, designer

Workspace of Samantha Santana - art director, prop stylist, illustrator, designer

Visit The Subscription Room: 5890 B Blackwelder St, Culver City, CA 90232, United States

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