Joaquin Santana, Co-Owner, Kit Cafe

Joaquin Santana, Co-Owner, Kit Cafe

Joaquin Santana, Co-Owner, Kit Cafe

  • Company: Kit Cafe

  • Location: Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

  • Sector: Cafe Management and Coffee Retail

tLBCC: What makes you choose to work with one coffee over another at your cafe? What does the roaster you work with do—or can they do—to earn your trust?

Joaquin Santana: My operation is very small. I do pop-ups 4 times a week and so far I only work with one roaster at a time. Right now I am working with Stereo Roasters and I trust the owner Geoff because I have already worked with him for a few years and I know how he goes about picking his beans. His direct connection to the producers—which I have met—is what makes me trust him. He also genuinely cares to bring in the best coffee and you can't do that without caring for sustainability and ethical practices.  

tLBCC: What steps do you take to build trust with your guests? How do you ensure they can rely on you and the coffee you are serving?

Joaquin Santana: I make sure that every cup of coffee is made thoughtfully and tastes great. I take the time to communicate with our guests about what makes our coffee taste the way it does—where it comes from and how is traded.  

tLBCC: Do you have any other thoughts about building trust along the coffee supply chain?

Joaquin Santana:I think customers/guests need to ask the questions about trade. Really understand where their coffee comes from and how practices affect the taste and quality of the beans and the people that grow and produce them. 

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