Intergalactic Love Mugs | feat. an Interview & Collab with Dat Print Doe
Photo & Mug Design by Chloe Beckerman Hardt of Dat Print Doe

Photo & Mug Design by Chloe Beckerman Hardt of Dat Print Doe

Helen Keller once said, "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much," and I couldn't agree with her more. My favorite aspect of creating content for this website is the incredible people that I have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with. Today's post is extra meaningful for me, because it features my ridiculously talented, and dear friend Chloe Beckerman Hardt.


Chloe recently launched her own company, Dat Print Doe, where she specializes in textile design. Based in sunny Los Angeles, Chloe is an artist, with tons of experience working in, and creating patterns for the fashion world .  


Last fall, Chloe and I had a delectable brunch, coffee and a catch up at Republiqué on La Brea where we got to chatting about a potential Dat Print Doe X The Little Black Coffee Cup collab. A small collection of mugs seemed like the perfect medium to connect Chloe's gorgeous patterns with some of my handwritten quotes and—of course—coffee. After a few months of exchanging inspiration, ideas, different quotes and designs on Pinterest, Chloe created this colorful, fun and stunning set of patterns that perfectly captures the playful, lighthearted and love-filled mood we were going for—just in time for Valentines Day.  


I  am so excited to share this Dat Print Doe X The Little Black Coffee Cup collection of 'intergalactic' mugs, as well as a brief interview with Chloe Beckerman Hardt. 

Chloe Beckerman Hardt of Dat Print Doe

Chloe Beckerman Hardt of Dat Print Doe

tLBCC: Can you share a little bit with us about your history as a textile designer? How did you get involved in creating patterns for the fashion world?

Chloe: I grew up in Toronto in a really creative house! My parents and sisters are all awesomely fun and creative people. We didn't have TV in our house as kids and my folks would encourage us to draw and read lots. We had subscriptions to every fashion magazine and it was something that all of us girls loved from a young age. Textile Design is the perfect mix of art and functionality for me. I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City to study Textile & Surface Design and when I graduated began working with my sisters on our fashion line, Beckerman.

tLBCC: You recently founded your own company, Dat Print Doe, what can we expect to see coming from you in the future?

Chloe: I want to create patterns that make people smile! The whole goal is to create beautiful work that brings joy to people!

tLBCC: Your style is so unique, colorful and happy-making, I can't help but smile when I look at your patterns. Where do you find your inspiration?

Chloe: I'm inspired by my sisters and Mom! They have the best style and tell me what's what. 

tLBCC: Has motherhood influenced your style at all?

Chloe: Yes! I want to design tons of baby patterns now! I made wallpaper for my daughter, Summer's nursery. Designing for kids, you can be as cute as you like—it's so fun, I had no idea before.

Chloe Beckerman Hardt of Dat Print Doe

Chloe Beckerman Hardt of Dat Print Doe

tLBCC: These mugs are the result of a collaboration between Dat Print Doe & the Little Black Coffee Cup, what were you trying to achieve with these patterns? 

Chloe: I am totally obsessed with Ashley's calligraphy! We wanted to incorporate it with my prints to create feel good, exploding with love mugs!! We wanted to create that mug that you always reach for first cause it makes you happy to wake up!

tLBCC: Do you have any words of wisdom or experience you'd like to share with young artists and designers fresh out of art school?

Chloe: Use social media to promote your art & have fun!

tLBCC: Do you drink coffee? If so, how do you take it?

Chloe: I love a soy latte! And if it has some latte art on it, all the better.

Connect with Chloe at Dat Print Doe:  website | twitter | instagram | pinterest

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