Comprehensive List of Cafes I’ve Visited | And You Should, Too!

Comprehensive List of Cafes I’ve Visited | And You Should, Too!

There’s nothing like pursuit of coffee to keep you humble. I’ve dedicated the last few years of my life to learning about this industry, and with each step I take I am constantly reminded how little I know. Now that I am working behind a bar, of course, this becomes more evident than ever. We’ve heard it a million times before: coffee is ubiquitous. But, coffee is also incredibly elusive. It’s frustrating. And, intriguing. 


I’ve covered a lot of ground when it comes to coffee shops and this post is a homage to that. Though the physical ground is vast, the constant shifts in my perceptual ground might even be more profound. Back when I started this whole thing, I was drinking lattes and pleasantly consumed by the ambiance of shops. Today, I have developed a palate that can appreciate espresso sans milk and I am interested in things like bar design for workflow, service and equipment choices. I am not insinuating that one way to look at things is better than the other, (I actually believe both are incredibly important), nor that I am an expert on any of these things. I am merely trying to point out that I’ve never really looked at two shops in the same way, largely because each time I am looking, my perception, what I am looking for, and my understanding of coffee is different. 


Los Angeles & Surrounding

Long Beach & Costa Mesa

  1. Lord Windsor Roasters - Long Beach
  2. Makai Coffee - Long Beach
  3. Portola Coffee Lab - Costa Mesa

Santa Barbara

Palm Springs

San Diego

San Francisco & Surrounding

Santa Cruz / San Jose

Sacramento & Surrounding